How to create a Liquidity Pool on cSwap DEX?

Any user can create a pool if the assets are already on the Comdex chain

Step 1: To begin with, the user needs to check here LINK whether the asset has already been added on the Comdex chain.
If the asset is already added, move to Step 2 or read Step 1.1

Step 1.1: If the asset is not found on the chain, the user needs to first raise a proposal to add the asset on the chain, here is how to do that:
How to Create a Proposal on Comdex chain?

Step 1.2: Once the asset is whitelisted, the user needs to create a trading pair for desired tokens for further trading in liquidity pools or place limit or market orders. Here is How to create a trading pair on cSwap DEX?

Step 2: Visit:

Connect your wallet

Step 3: Click Farm

Step 4: Click Create Pool

Step 5: A fee is charged for pool creation
Select the assets and %

Step 6: Add amount and click next

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Will there be an option to have pools with HARBOR token in the future too?

Can you put in the link to the relevant instruction in 1.1?

yes, you will be able to trade HARBOR soon

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It has been added now, thanks


And it is tradeable now ^^