How to create a proposal on Comdex chain?

Step1: Install Comdex Binary in your system (GitHub - comdex-official/comdex: Comdex: A DeFi infrastructure layer for the Cosmos ecosystem)

Step2: Create a Comdex wallet or Import an existing wallet ( Note: The wallet name will be essential in the below steps)

Step 3: Fund the wallet (min 3000 CMDX tokens+ gas fee…the CMDX is returned once the proposal is passed or the proposal can go with zero CMDX but the voting will start once the 3000 cmdx deposit is done by the Validators of our chain)

Step 4: Raise a proposal using CLI. Text in BOLD to be replaced with values

comdex tx gov submit-proposal --title “Test Proposal” --description “My awesome proposal” --type text --deposit=3000000000ucmdx --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.5 --gas-prices --from <walletName> --chain-id comdex-1 --node


comdex tx gov submit-proposal --title “Test Proposal” --description “My awesome proposal” --type text --deposit=100000000ucmdx --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.5 --gas-prices 10000ucmdx --from cooluser --keyring-backend test --chain-id comdex-1 –node

Example of a Signaling Proposal:

title: Signalling proposal to revert the Tombstone occurred during v5.0.0 upgrade

description: The Comdex and Sentinel dev teams worked together to resolve the issues post the main net upgrade v5.0.0 failed on 17th November. We tried multiple methods while debugging, fixing, and testing the recovery process. But in the process, Sentinel validator, unfortunately, double-signed. \n \n This is the signaling proposal to revert the tombstone. Post this team will be doing a software upgrade
to revive the validator and compensate all the delegators who had been slashed.

\n \n Statement by sentinel team -

\n \n - Vote YES if you support reverting of Tombstone.
\n - Vote NO if you think tombstoning should NOT be reverted. Feel free to start a new discussion on the Forum .
\n - Vote ABSTAIN. if you don’t have a strong opinion about the proposal.
\n - Vote NO WITH VETO, if you think this proposal is harming the network and the depositor should be slashed for submitting it.

Please refer to some of our previous proposals:

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Alternative route which saves you from starting a node:

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