How to create a Trading Pair on cSwap DEX?

Any user can create a pool if the assets are already listed on the Comdex chain

Step 1: To begin with, the user needs to check here LINK whether the asset has already been whitelisted on the Comdex chain.
If the asset is already available, move to Step 2 or read Step 1.1

Step 1.1: If the asset is not found on the chain, the user needs to first raise a proposal to add the asset on the chain, here is how to do that:
How to Create a Proposal on Comdex chain?

Step 2:: Once assets are whitelisted, any user can create a pair of two coins, which will be a unique pair in the liquidity module.

For example, the liquidity module can have only one pair for A-B coins, consisting of Coin A and Coin B.

The coins in pairs are identified as Base Coin and Quote Coin.

On a trading exchange, assets are traded in pairs; in other words, one asset (Base asset) is sold against the other (Quote asset). The spot rate (spot price) reflects how much of the Quote asset is required to buy 1 unit of the Base asset.

For example, if our desired trading pair is CMDX/CMST, and the spot rate is 1 CMST, we will be trading CMDX, which is the Base asset, against CMST, which is the Quote asset. The spot rate of 1 CMST means that we have to sell 1 CMST to obtain 1 CMDX.

To check existing pairs use the following command -
$ comdex q liquidity pairs [app-id]

The Liquidity pair can be created in two different ways,
Permission Less - A certain amount of fee needs to be paid for creating pair. The fee paid is non-refundable. A pair can be launched instantly with this method. (Check liquidity params for fees charged)

$ comdex tx liquidity create-pair [app-id] [base-coin-denom] [quote-coin-denom] -–from wallet –-chain-id comdex-1 -–node https://comdex-rpc:443

Governance Proposal - A proposal needs to be raised for creating pairs via the governance module. In this method, no fee is charged for creating the pair but the community decides if the pair needs to add or not.

$ comdex tx gov submit-proposal create-liquidity-pair [app-id] [base-coin-denom] [quote-coin-denom] -–from wallet -–chain-id comdex-1 -–node https://comdex-rpc:443

What Next: Create a Liquidity Pool, add liquidtiy and farm your tokens for additional rewards, here is how to do that

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